An automatic raffle activation platform for both companies and customers

your All-in-One raffle solution


Tambio makes the raffle joining fun and easy by combining both traditional and digital raffles (we call it hybrid!). Customers love the digital feel in joining the raffle and yet still feels familiar with the whole process of actually dropping their tickets in raffle drums.


Tambio makes raffle monitoring across different locations easy thru real-time analytics. Normally, paper-based raffles do not produce analytics for raffle operators, but with Tambio: it's magical! No more post raffle encoding as the raffle's data is available 24/7. Tambio's report generator is comprehensive with chats and graphs for easier data analysis.


Tambio provides effective event registrations for companies. Tambio minimizes queueing and creates good first event impression for attendees.

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Core Team

Kenneth Morgan Nieto

Founder & CEO

Kenn has been in the billboard advertising business for 15 years. Tambio is a new venture for Kenn in the world of advertising. He leads the overall business strategy of Tambio.

May Montero

Co-Founder & COO

May leads the day-to-day business operations and spearheads new business growth of Tambio. May holds BS in Banking & Finance from Lyceum of the Philippines.

Romelio Tavas Jr


Romelio's background in software engineering made Tambio’s technological aspects possible and production ready. He is a graduate of Computer Engineering at the University of the Philippines Diliman and has won several technology competitions which fostered his innovative character.

Maikko Aleman

Software Engineer

Maikko is a graduate of Computer Engineering at the University of the Philippines Diliman. Prior to joining fulltime, he was a Science Research Specialist II at the Electronics and Electrical Engineering Institute at UP working on energy harvesting in wireless sensor networks.

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